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Top 4 Monsoons Treks To Do in India


India is a kaleidoscope of cultures,  heritage, languages, weathers and landscapes. The Himalayas in the north and the Western Ghats in the southwest truly highlight the significant difference between north India and the rest of India. However, they both offer dynamic views and terrain for each level of trekking as well as for special weather. There are snow treks, beach treks, monsoon treks and adventure treks spread all over India. 

Specifically speaking of monsoon treks, monsoons in the south west part of India are more intense than the rest of the country. Yet there are few treks which  offer a beautiful range of scenery especially during the monsoons. The Western Ghats on the west coast totally changes the rugged mountain ranges into a green tropical paradise covered with white clouds and never ending open green fields. On the other hand, the monsoons in the Himalayas turn the valleys into a floral  vibrant carpet of flowers. Here are some of the best monsoons trek in india one should not miss out on;

Valley of Flowers Trek

As the name suggests, the Valley of flowers trek is located in the divine land of Uttarakhand. The state is famous for its raw and untouched valleys. They offer picturesque views of the snow capped Himalayas and wide open bugyals where you can frolic. The Valley of flowers is the best Himalayan monsoons trek you could go.

You will be mesmerized by the immense fragrance of Himlayan wild flowers and colourfulness. Surprisingly, the Valley of flowers is open to tourists only during the months of July and October. There are several stunning waterfalls, glaciers, and rivers you will witness along the way. Do visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site at least once in your life. 

Harishchandragad Trek

Sahyadris ranges in Maharashtra are rugged and hot during the summers. As the monsoons arrive, Sahyadris turn into a heaven of infinite greenery, clouds, freshness and glowing nature. The ridges, cliffs have gushing waterfalls and rivers flowing through them, the streams in the forests flow silently for a few months. Harishchandragad is one of the fort treks in Maharashtra that is a hotspot for trekkers during the monsoons.

The fort ruins on the hilltop create a challenging patch to climb during the trek. Located in the premises of Kalsubai Wildlife Sanctuary near Ahmednagar, a trek to Harishchandragad includes the famous Konkankada and Harishchandreshwar Temple enroute. The trek is magnificent and one of the favourite spots of Instagrammers and photographers. 

Har Ki Dun Trek

Har ki dun means “Valley of the Gods”. Several local legends and myths claim that this is the valley via which the Pandavas traveled to heaven. This cradle-shaped valley provides a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain peaks. Some of which are so tall that they make you question your existence.

The Har Ki Dun trek takes you to one of the least visited areas of the Garhwal Himalayas. Here the simple village folk’s way of life has not yet been influenced by civilization. At various points, the walk runs beside rhododendron trees, rivers, villages, and flowers.

Sinhagad Trek

Sinhagad fort also known as the Kondana fort has some legendary stories related to it. The fort is located 50 km away from the old city of Pune in the Bhuleshwar ranges of Sahyadris. The hill fort stands alone on a cliff overlooking the valley below it. Maharashtra is famous for its refreshing monsoons and fort treks among the trekkers.

The trek trail leading to the top becomes quite challenging during the monsoons due to slippery routes and immense waterfalls. The monsoons drastically change the face of the fort. The valley into a green heaven with open fields, misty clouds and lovely villages. And since most of the treks in Maharashtra are done during the monsoons also they take 1 day to complete, the weekends are busy among the trekkers.  

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