Is Vaping Different From Smoking? Elux legend 3500 puffs

Vaping and smoking are often mistaken as the same, but this is not the truth. Vaping is entirely different from smoking. First of all, it is 95% safer than smoking Elux legend 3500 puffs. Secondly, vape devices are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes. Even if you buy and discard disposable vape kits, it would be much less expensive than purchasing cigarettes.

Disposable vape kits like Elux legend 3500 puffs produce clouds that look like cigarette smoke but are much healthier than smoke.

The Difference in Price:

The massive difference between the price of the two is also a plus point for vaping.

Disposable vape kits are available for as cheap as £5, and the price also depends on the number of puffs offered by the device. In the case of reusable vapes, you have to invest in the device at the start, and then you can use the same vape device for a long time by changing the coil and refilling the e-liquid like Dinner lady e liquid.

The cost of purchasing a coil every two to three weeks is very low. Even if you change your coil every week, the overall cost would be much less than buying a pack of cigarettes. E-liquids are also available at very affordable prices with various flavours and nicotine concentrations.

How to Choose Disposable Vape Kit:

You can select a device based on the number of puffs offered and the nicotine strength of the e-liquid. You can make this choice based on the number of cigarettes you used to consume in a day. Disposables are pocket-friendly devices that require almost no maintenance.

Amount of Nicotine Inhaled:


Burning the cigarette makes freebase nicotine absorb into your body. The amount of nicotine present in cigarettes cannot be measured accurately. You do not know how much nicotine you are inhaling and whether it is within the safe zone or not.


The amount of nicotine present in the e-liquid is TPD-compliant. A standard 2% nicotine concentration is present in Elux legend 3500 puffs.

Also, the Nic Salt used instead of freebase nicotine is more stable. As it stays in the bloodstream longer, you take fewer puffs, which helps gradually reduce your usage of disposable vape kits, and you get one step closer to quitting smoking.

Cigarette Smoke and Vape Clouds:

Effect of Inhaling Cigarette Smoke:

Cigarette smoke and vape clouds look similar, but clouds are safer than cigarette smoke. This smoke contains many harmful chemicals. Two of the most dangerous residues produced by this process are carbon monoxide and tar. Inhaling this smoke immensely increases the risk of lung cancer, oral infections, breathing problems, heart strokes and diabetes.

Vape Clouds and Vapours:

Nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream by inhaling the vapours produced by using disposable vape kits. These vapours are 95% safer, and tar is not produced by heating the e-liquid. And the vape clouds do not cause harm to your surrounding people and environment as much as smoking does.

Diversity of Flavours:

The variety of flavours is very limited in regular cigarettes, but disposable vapes have great diversity. Many well-appreciated fruity, beverage, candy, and tobacco flavours are present in e-liquids like 88 vape liquid. They make you feel like you are consuming the real thing and offer you a pleasant vaping experience.

Customisation of Vape Devices:

Vape devices allow you to customise your vape kit according to your preference, unlike cigarettes. You can choose the nicotine strength, flavour and coil material according to your likes and dislikes. Conventional cigarettes do not have the option of customisation.

There are many differences between cigarettes and vapes. Though disposable vape kits may look like traditional cigarettes, they work entirely differently and also affect your body and the environment differently. Vaping will help you pursue a better and healthier lifestyle, while cigarettes reduce your lifespan.

You can switch to vaping to improve your health and contribute to society positively. It would be better if you convince the people around you to quit smoking and start vaping in an attempt to break out of this habit.

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