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How to do technical content writing?

Content writing is the formation of content which is the foundation of almost everything. Many people learn this skill and work as freelance writers or work in many companies especially digital marketing agencies. There are different types of content writing and technical writing is one of them. In technical writing, the writer tries to explain complex machines and systems, manuals, and different complex mechanisms. This can be needed by anyone be it an engineer or a research medical doctor or a scientist. If you are someone who can easily understand complex technical details and explain or write them in understandable words then technical content writing can be a great career for you.

Learn writing skills

Technical writing is not a piece of cake. You need to start looking for writing lessons. Many universities and institutes are offering courses that can help you with writing and improving your vocabulary. As this is going to be technical writing you need to learn many other things, not just grammar. You should be good at keeping the audience engaged through your content like in storytelling.


This is the main element before producing any type of content. Research can give you depth knowledge of whatever topic you are working on. In technical writing, it is very important to look for studies to get proper knowledge of the product you’re writing about. While looking for information from the internet look for the most famous blogs with the most reach to get authentic details.

For example, the topic is, “create a Wikipedia page for yourself”, now search on google and look for the most famous blogs explaining this.

Take expert content writing advice

If you’re not getting enough information from google then you can look for experts and interview them regarding your topic. Whether it’s machinery or anything you can look for many people in the market who can help you with the information. So, in order to make good content and explain to your users will always try your best to collect knowledge from different authentic sources be it the internet, books, or experts.

Contractor/freelancer or full-time employee

Now after learning the art of technical content writing, you need to choose between whether you want to work as a freelancer or you want to work as a full-time employee at any organization. If you are thinking of working as a freelance writer through fiver, Upwork, etc. you don’t need a specific degree but if you are willing to work at any organization then they will hire you on the basis of your qualification. Companies normally hire people related to marketing fields or English.

You should have a portfolio to show your work as an idea when you go for an interview or a company may hire you on the basis of your qualification or confidence only. Industry selection is an important first selection step. Financial technical documentation is very different from pharmacy and tourism technical documentation. It is possible to write for multiple industries, but it is most effective to choose a field that suits your interests and experience

Know your audience

To know who you are writing for, you need to collect as much information as possible about who will use the document. It’s important to know if your audience has expertise in the field, if they are completely new to the topic, or if it is somewhere in between. The audience also has their own expectations and needs. When you start reading a document, you need to determine what you are looking for.

Content Writing style

The writing style matters a lot and if it’s technical writing then consider writing in a direct and formal manner. Don’t add emotional texts as it’s not a part of technical writings. Choosing a proper template, and font size are very important.

Visual representation

Sometimes only texts are not enough to explain so it’s a professional way to add relatable and informative pictures. Clients can easily understand through quality graphs and figures so incorporate them into your content

Proofreading in Content Writing

In the end, read your content thoroughly to look for grammar mistakes and other errors. This is the most important part as this saves you from low-quality content. There are a number of tools available that can help you with correcting grammar issues like Grammarly. Grammarly is widely used.

Where to look for jobs

There are many platforms available where companies post jobs every day. You can easily apply directly or send your resume through the company website.



Final Idea

Companies value those employees who are good at understanding complex technical machines and systems and explaining them. Technical content writing can be a great career undoubtedly. You can make this your part-time or full-time role also. Learning this skill is not an overnight process but investing time in learning technical writing can help you in your career.

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