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How Can User Experience Boost Your SEO Efforts?

Customers using the internet nowadays have a shorter attention span than ever before and are accustomed to expecting results in milliseconds, so websites need to have loading times that are lightning quick and navigation that is easy to understand. This article will center on UX (also known as user experience) and SEO (also known as search engine optimization), as well as the significance of both for the proprietor of any website.  

Many feel SEO is simply about keywords. Several factors can affect your search engine rankings. Today we’ll discuss user experience (UX). However, your company’s search engine results remain stagnant despite your best efforts. This is when you begin to investigate other elements that may be influencing your search engine rankings. 

For example, they look at how long visitors spend on your site, how many people leave after a few seconds, and so on. Since we know that user experience and search engine optimization go hand in hand, this is no longer an issue. It’s a half-baked idea to rely on keywords to drive traffic and encourage click-throughs. Regarding SEO, one of the most significant considerations is how your site’s visitors will feel.

Here are some things about the user experience (UX) that affect SEO:

SEO is affected by page speed.

SEO and UX are also affected by page speed. 

Page speed is directly related to where a page ranks.

Here are some ways to speed up a page:

• Use compressed images

• Uses less of the resources

• Optimize media files

• Turn on your browser’s cache.

• Choose a good web host

• Cut down on redirects

Google’s online tool Page Speed Insights can be used to check how well your website works.

2. Make navigation better for users

We know that making it easier to navigate a site is not a joke. You’ll need to know a lot about how things work to do it right. You think you should hire a professional web design company instead of trying to do it yourself. While you work on growing your business, hiring top SEO services will take care of site development. 

If you don’t simplify your website’s navigation, it will hurt both SEO and UX.

• Make mobile-friendly navigation

• Put a menu of links on each of your web pages.

• Use descriptive navigation titles

• Divide things into groups

Last but not least, if your site’s navigation is easy, it will help users and make it easier for Google to crawl your site.

3. Making a website mobile-friendly can improve the user experience

Since April 2015, Google has punished websites that aren’t mobile-friendly by lowering their ranking.  According to research by Search Engine Watch, 77% of all searches are done on smartphones. So, optimizing a website for mobile makes it better for users and helps it rank higher in search engines.

To make your website more mobile-friendly, consider the following:

• Use a readable font

• Eliminate pop-ups

• Compress the photographs you use.

4. Make Rich Content

The most important thing for SEO is making content. It can help search engines rank your site higher and help you get more leads.

You can make content in any way you want, such as a blog, a video, or an ebook.  A high search engine ranking can only be achieved by providing unique and useful content to visitors, so make sure to do so.

Here are some ideas for making good content:

• Avoid keyword stuffing

• Write useful and clear content 

• Put in the right headings

• Use the list of chapters

5. It is essential to include a “call to action” in your writing.

If you want to keep people interested in what you have to offer on your website, include a button labeled “call to action” (CTA). When people read material on a website, they might enjoy what they see, but if there is no call to action (CTA), they won’t know what to do next and will leave the website.

6. URL Structure:

It’s important to use a URL structure that is easy for people to understand. A long URL makes it easier for people to remember and type it into the search bar.

Here are a few things that make up a good URL structure:

• Take out any extra characters

• Don’t use too many keywords, but you can use the one that fits your brand the best.

7. SEO changes:

The URL will be harder to crawl if it has too many characters that aren’t needed. Also, search engine algorithms have improved to the point where they can use Natural Language Processing (NLP). It knows immediately if the URL has too many keywords and considers that a bad SEO technique.


You already know that Google’s top priority is ensuring users have a good time. So, the more you optimize your website and pay attention to how users feel about it, the more likely you will get on SERP. It boosts your ranking, makes it easier for people to buy from you, and brings you more leads. 

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