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Career and Graduate Level Entry in Digital Marketing

Do what you love and success will follow. Passion is the fuel behind a successful career.

How Can I start my career in Digital marketing?

 If you have passion about technology and digital medium and marketing you can start your learning basic of digital marketing techniques with practical examples through our Digital marketing courses. Learning Industry relevant skills from our institute is the first step toward your career growth. As the saying “slow steps with consistent efforts”.

If you are new and doesn’t know anything about digital marketing our learning methods will help you in industry related skills and working with some internship on live projects.

The next and most crucial step is to begin applying for internships and freelance opportunities. Try to get as many as possible. Because the majority of skill-based application and learning will take place on the job, these will serve as a basis for your practical learning.

Once you’ve gained some expertise, we recommend that you start constructing your portfolio to improve your internet presence, as well as creating your own brand if possible. This way, you’ll be able to keep up with the most recent digital marketing trends.

Want to start a career in digital marketing?

Many graduates and student don’t know or they can’t decide about what they have to do in future related to career. They are always confused in which direction they have to work and set their goals.

During the graduation period it is important for them to focus on career, plan for the future, and to be skilled ready for jobs and their future life. Taking career advice and choosing a field of interest in this digital world where everyone is in race and to be a one step further, we have to be very skilled in this competitive world.

As world is growing digitally and internet has influenced our lives in every manner. We all are connected through internet and every possible way through social media, mobile phones. Soon this world will become digitally empowered and number of internet user will be more than 5 billion globally. This gives rise to choose career which compliment the market trends and has a bright future.

Digital marketing Is one such great field now a days which has become a professional skill which offers a promising career for a graduate and students for a high growth. As growing internet users all business and people are shifting to digital platform to promote their brand. Digital marketing gives us this benefit of learning all these skills and through right channels. Since covid-19 pandemic, this is now the big stream future learning for all the students.

Digital marketing is a practical approach more than theory, the more you practice it the more you will learn. The practical approach of digital marketing includes branding of a product at affordable rates. Companies has adopted digital marketing which helps business make their presence online and to reach large extend of audiences.

With large group of people spend their most of times on phones and internet, this increased businesses to shift their focus on online presence.

With this trend of growing digital trends, the scope of digital marketing for graduates and student is expanding. If you are looking for career in digital marketing there is gap of skilled professionals across industry. With these it gives an advantage to fresher and beginner an extra knowledge of this skill that will make them one step ahead in competition. Digital marketing offers many profiles and opportunities that will be game changer in your career growth.

1. SEO specialist/ Optimizer– search engine optimization refers to making a business or a website visible on search engine first page or we say it SERP search engine result page. This include analyzing, review, audit and keyword strategy for the whole website to rank it on first page. This whole process is done by SEO specialist who have an experience and knowledge of SEO process. This includes all the monitoring task of whole process.

The salary for this profile lies between 1,80,000-5,00,000 with an experience starting from 1 year at entry level to 5-7 years’ experience.

2. Social Media Marketer– Social media platform are the powerful tools now a days to promote your website or business. This include making presence of our website all over the social media platform that is Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, PinInterest, etc. This is handled by companies’ social media Marketer or expert that design and manage complete strategy. This includes creating various interactive post, posting the content, looking into the insights reach, impressions and engagement of followers. It also includes Paid ad for the business which is for lead generation and brand awareness.

An average salary of social media marketer specialist varies between 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 for an entry level to experienced person.

3- Search Engine Marketing/ Pay Per Click Specialist – This includes running Paid ads across all the search engines and display networks. A search engine marketing specialist plans Ad campaigns, target audience, the budget, and biding to ensure that the ads reach right people. This includes making ads more attractive and compel audience to engage. They also monitor all the campaign and track analytics.

An average salary of social media marketer specialist varies between 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 for an entry level to experienced person.

4- Content Creator or Expert– As you know content is the key for each user on internet. Creating a good content which is easily understood and attractive to the user is what a content expert does. This is done in any form Blog, articles, videos, email, social media content. This include distributing content over relevant websites to bring more traffic to our website. This also include planning the content and managing those strategy with team.

An average salary of content creator expert varies between 4,00,000 to 8,00,000 for an entry level to experienced person.

5- Email Marketer– Email marketing is one form of digital marketing which includes content and marketing. An email marketer focuses on building an email list, personal and customized emails, welcome emails, promotional emails which generates more leads. Email marketing contribute to 23% sale of a company.

An average salary of email marketer specialist varies between 3,00,000 to 8,00,000 for an entry level to experienced person.

6- Data Analyst– A data analyst works on large amount of unstructured data and analyze it and makes it into a useful data for business purpose which is used for improvisation.

Data analyst collect information from various platform and transform it into useful pattern and trends. As the data about user increasing day by day analytics is the most important technical profile of digital marketing. Analytics shows a business if it’s on track and, as a result, what’s working and what isn’t.

An average salary of Data analyst varies between 5,00,000 to 15,00,000 for an entry level to experienced person.

7- Web Developer– A web developer is the person who knows each and every technical aspect of our website and also, he is expert in creating good UI interactive website which attracts user.

The developer ensures about the structure of website, Images, Videos, navigation, mobile friendliness and much more which creates a positive experience of user.

An average salary of Web developer varies between 3,00,000 to 12,00,000 for an entry level to experienced person.


Digital marketing is the new promising and fast-growing industry with rapid career growth with a lot of market and jobs opportunities. Learning new skills will make you one step closer and ahead.

Hope this helped you getting a overview of profiles and career in digital marketing.

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