Caravan Tourism

Caravan Tourism – A New Travel Trend To Explore India’s Every End!

Nobody can resist the thought of those expansive pristine beaches with the water sliding over your feet, long mighty hills with the chilly winds swaying around, dense forests loaded with huge green trees and widely spread sand dunes along the desert. I am pretty sure that just a thought about these things would have triggered your longingness for travel.

India has been a popular global travel destination, but with the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, travelling without any restrictions and norms has become a dream. Don’t worry peeps, the tourism department is as concerned as you are! So, they have come out with a new travel trend in India that follows all the Covid precautionary norms, while allowing for a safe and rejuvenating travel experience.

‘Caravan Tourism’ has become an officially recognized travel culture that gives tourists freedom and flexibility in travelling. With priorities shifting towards maintaining social distancing and exploring less crowded gems of India, travelling agencies have come up with small or big vehicles called caravans, created for recreational purposes. This is a perfect travel trend for road trippers, equipped with all the essential amenities and facilities like modern infrastructure, bedding, etc. to make way for a safe and comfortable solo or group trip.

Isn’t it surreal to have full control over your pace of travel? To be able to stop whenever you want, choose your favorite travel route, eat at your choicest joints and explore wherever you feel like. It can be your most memorable endeavour with caravan tourism. If you are planning your next travel destination in India with caravan tourism, do checkout some of these trails to park your caravans and relax!

Feel the Nomadic Vibe in Caravan With Gujarat

Rejuvenating caravan trip to Gujarat is all that you need to refresh your mind after months of staying indoors. This place has a lively touch of Indian culture and heritage along with an essence of historical marvels. It gives an exposure to colorful and bust markets, wildlife sanctuaries, grand temples, peaceful beaches and vast stretches of desert. Every place has its own beauty to look out for.

Relive the Royalty of Bygone Era Along the North-Indian Trail of Jaipur

The North Indian belt of Jaipur, Delhi, Agra and Bharatpur gives an insight to the royalties and luxuries of the historical era. Explore the mesmerizing beauty of large palaces, forts and monuments, delve into their colorful culture along with authentic cuisines from the recipe books of kings and queens. You can’t stop yourself from appreciating the beauty of fine architecture and styles of Mughal and Indo-Islamic cultures.

Golden Beauty of Southern Heritage With Hampi

One cannot ignore the history and fantasy of UNESCO World Heritage site Hampi. The extraordinary carvings of Hindu style temples, consisting of monolithic sculptures and monuments reflects the splendour of this place. You cannot get over the beauty of paddy fields, breathtaking sunrise and sunset views and a perfect leisure outing for camping and trek lovers.

Delve Into Nature’s finest Landscapes with North-Eastern India

North-Eastern India is a treasure full of undiscovered gems. You can drive across Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Manipur to witness the flamboyant beauty of its landscapes.

Cherish The Incredible Hilly Wonders of a Trip to Ladakh

A road trip to Ladakh from Manali will give you some of the worth remembering beauty sights of untouched Himalayan gems. The journey can be an adventurous one, with off-beat and frisky routes, sharp turns, slippery and rocky roads, but in the end, you will come back collecting millions of lifetime memories. Snowy peaks, rolling meadows, secluded villages and relishing local cuisines are some of the common sights.

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