Jyotsnaa G Bansal

Astro-Numerologist Jyotsnaa G Bansal awarded “Ank Maharishi” Degree by Ank Guru Professor Ashok Bhatia

On 6th August, in the Conference and Convocation ceremony of International School Of Vedic Astro Numerology (ISVAN), the Founder Chairperson Professor Ashok Bhatia,  President Acharya Bhavna Bhatia, Chief Guest Dr. Promodini Varma (Former Principal-Bharti College, Vice President of EFSLE- Ecosophical Foundation for the Study of Literature and Environment) awarded “Ank Maharishi” Degree to Astro-Numerologist Jyotsnaa G Bansal for her commendable research on Professional and Technical Education related to Engineering field.

The ceremony was held at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi where Eminent Guest Speakers were – Acharya Vinayak Pulah (ModiNagar), Pt. Vijay Dutt Purohit, Pt. JaiPrakash ji Lal Dhage wale, Dr. Arun Bansal (President- All India Federation of Astrologers Society – AIFAS) & Pt. Dinesh Guru (Indore), who shared their experience based vast knowledge  & some simple remedies with the students of ISVAN.

Jyotsnaa also won the ON SPOT QUIZ and received the prize from Dr. Arun Bansal & Pt. JaiPrakash Ji Lal Dhagewale.

Ms Jyotsnaa G Bansal is a practicing Astro-Numerologist, Reiki Master, Crystal Guide, Zibu Practitioner, Switch words (general as well as Vedic) Practitioner and a Counsellor. She provides consultations under “Jyotsnaa The Moonlite” and is well conversant with different systems of numerology like Pythagoras, Chaldean, Lo-Shu, Vedic Astro-Numero, to name a few. She also guides others through different divinations (Dice, Cowrie, Cards), switchwords, crystals, different symbols, & provides counselling as per requirement, with the desire & passion to help others to bring a positive change in their lives.

She has an experience of more than 13 years with an HR consulting Firm, was last designated as HEAD Recruitment & Business Development. She was handling a team & was catering to some top organizations like SIEMENS, BLUE STAR, Hero Majestic Group, iYogi Technical Services, alongwith international clients.

Her research work under the direct Mentorship of ANK GURU Professor Ashok Bhatia, who is known as Father of Vedic Astro Numerology, was focused on the Numbers, Yogs, Dasha (including Mahadasha, Antardasha & other important aspects) related to Technical/Professional education/ career present in the DOB of natives.

She practices numerology with a desire and passion to help others, and bring a positive change in the lives of the concerned persons and in service to humanity.

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