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7 Effective Tips to Make Your Kids Do their Homework Early and Responsibly

Kids are kids. Even when they go to school and show their best selves, they are still kids after all. There are times when they are too stubborn or hard-headed to do what they have to do. Parents understand that, but it’s no doubt a problem when their kids are hard to control, resulting in poor learning and studying habits. Of course, parents want and need to correct those conducts, so it becomes a problem-solving quest when kids are like that.

One of the headache-causing issues for many parents regarding their kids’ behavior as students is them being careless and unbothered about their take-home tasks. Literally, it’s like some of these kiddos do not care. For some kids, that’s maybe because they are still very young and innocent. Meanwhile, for bigger kids, that’s maybe because they have other things in mind and things they want to do rather than doing their assignments. Or maybe, they just don’t realize yet the consequences of their lack of concern towards their studies. 

Here, we’re not talking about a specific age range though these points might be very helpful to parents with kids below the teenage years. Nonetheless, as long as your kids obviously need your guidance and help as parents, then you will benefit from this piece. 

Check out these 6 effective tips to make your kids do their homework early and responsibly! Yes, help them avoid cramming and mediocre outputs in school!  

1 – Set up their productive study area at home.

The environment where kids study highly affects their efficacy and performance. Set up a productive study area at home. It should contain and organize all the necessary learning materials of the kids. It must be well-ventilated for ease, health and safety, which are all essential for students in school or at home.  

If the area where they do their homework is inappropriate and uncomfortable, it’s disadvantageous. As you know, kids’ attention span is one of the shortest things on Earth, so their study space should be convincing and attractive enough for them to captivate kids’ interest and attention. It should help them feel excited about accomplishing their homework.  

2 – Help them to organize all their take-home assignments.

There are many times when different teachers of different subjects give take-home assignments all at the same time. That means kids have to work on all of them simultaneously or one right after another. It’s not easy. Especially for little kids, it could be confusing and hard to actually do.

As parents, it’s your duty to help them organize all their homework. Teach them to list down all their assignments. Include the deadlines or submission dates of those to-do tasks to know which ones are the most urgent and which ones can be done a little later than others. From that list, determine the level of difficulty of each task. Does your kid prefer doing the easy tasks first? Or the hard tasks first? Assess their capabilities, and speak to them whether or not they agree with your way of organizing their homework. 

Even with the assignment proper, you can still assist them and answer questions that suddenly pop in their heads.  

3 – Put the magnetizing distractions away.

Parents should not be afraid to let kids set aside their gadgets, even those they consider as toys. Those objects may seem simple but they are subtle barriers. They keep kids from focusing on doing their homework, which is more important than video games and favorite shows.

Put the magnetizing distractions away. Tell them of the consequences of using them for a long period of time, without accomplishing any of their school tasks brought home. Teach them discipline and self-control. Train them to use gadgets on specific schedules, with breaks and with no usage when it’s time to study and do homework.  

4 – Tell them the rewards that they will get after finishing it.

It’s somehow bribing them, but this is really effective and helpful when kids are quite noncompliant. Tell them the rewards that they will get after finishing their homework. They could be food, toys, being able to watch their favorite cartoons, being able to buy a new pair of shoes, or going outside. Whatever it is that they are interested in or that they love, it can be a key to entice your kids to start and finish all their duties. It’s a very powerful motivation! Just make sure that it won’t always be that way. Eventually, they should learn to initiate doing their homework without anything in return from you.

5 – Guide your kids to do their homework.

Particularly with little kids, you need to guide them as they do their homework. They need assistance to understand and do their tasks. Since their school teachers are not around at home, it’s you, their parents, their first teachers, who will become their information desk. You will aid and enlighten them as necessary. 

6 – Get them an online tutor.

Many busy working parents do not have enough time to teach and help their kids answer their homework. Many are also too busy with house chores and family duties to still teach their kids to do their assignments. If you are experiencing the same things, try enrolling them to an online tutoring session. Choose a reputable service with high-quality student assistance. 

Getting them an online tutor whom you can trust allows you to have peace of mind that your kids are helped and supported by high-quality educators. A full online tutoring session does not only teach and clarify post-classroom lessons but also helps students answer homework. Online tutors can explain instructions clearly, as well as the process of answering them.



Teach them young, and they will bring their learning of life as they grow up and old. Instill in your kids the habit of avoiding waiting for deadlines before actually doing their tasks. This will help them produce better quality of work and gain more peace of mind too. And it’s the same for you. You will feel more confident and calm that your kids are doing well in their school performance when you know that they also have ample time for the process to produce their outputs. 

Parents, you do have a significant role in every aspect of your kids’ lives. Make sure you use that influence to help them develop responsible student habits. Even those “simple” homework are not so simple at all. Doing them is not so easy-peasy too. Be there for your kids. Let them learn from you.

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