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5 Best Snow Trek In India

India And Its Versatility

We always search for places where we can get everything, like gifted nature and its administration, the warmth of the beach or traditional temples as well as the Snow Cap Mountains.

Planning for a snow trekking might be a very new experience for the youth as well as adventures full of excitement and thrill. Now this is the toughest thing to choose while you are thinking of trekking as India has different places and all are worth seeing as well as worth experiencing.

Snow Trekking In India For Adventure And Thrill

During the winters the mountains of Himalayas are basically transferred into A Wonderland which looks amazing with its scenic beauty. The Himalayas are the most adventurous place where one can definitely think trekking is just like a dream adventure.

 Passing through the old forest crossing the river by the bridge, the snow-capped mountains are the main attraction. You are at the right place which is perfectly blended for exploring and thrill which will help both the beginners and experience for their trekking

Certain Does And Don’t For Trekking


  • Clear Sunrises, starry skies, hooting owls, and the sound of silence.
  • Try to discover yourself
  • Push your physique limits to experience little things
  • Be hydrated and be safe


  • Indulge yourself into danger 
  • Take extra luggage
  • Dehydrated yourself 
  • Eat heavy food 
  • Sleep late as while your trekking good amount of sleep is required 

Kuari Pass Trek 

The meaning of Kauri means the ‘’doorway’’  it is a Himalayan high mountain situated in the Garhwal region. It is located on the south of the Tibetan border.  It is a great place and opportunity for exploring the witness of the mind blowing views of the grand Himalayas for the beginners.

The Kuari pass is the best place for trial period as the top of Kuari pass is just perfect for the beginners the trial good be attempt in the forest of Oak and Rhododendron scatters and again go dense as you go ahead of it during the winter there is an added attraction while most of the other mountain passes in the Himalayas lie buried in the snow Kuari Pass is only trek able mountain. Kuari Pass trek is a trek one needs to take a note of the celebrated mountain – Mt Nanda Devi 25, 673 feet Mt Dronagiri 23, 182 feet at any season.

  • Difficulty: Easy –Moderate 
  • Maximum Altitude: 13,990 ft
  • Duration: 6 days

Nag Tibba Trek 

Nag Tibba is located at an altitude of 9915,in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand near Mussoorie even this is quite easy for the beginners and the children it takes maximum of 2 days to complete this trek which makes perfect for a weekend and attracts adventure lovers from all over the country and abroad this could be a great start if you are a beginner now. The patches of oak tree and Rohingo trees Winter Trek will welcome you with the beautiful blanket of snow all around the place. You will also find a temple and end your trek in a spectacular view.

  • Difficulty: Easy –Moderate 
  • Maximum Altitude: 9915 ft
  • Duration: 2 -5 days

Chadar Trek 

Chadar trek is the most unique trek experience of all the Himalaya. In India it is on the top of the Trekking list. Walking on the Frozen Zanskar river will definitely test your fitness and will power .The trek starts once you enter river and it begins to freeze and preferred time for this Trek is in the month of February starting from the village of the chilling during the trick you get a chance to meet the local and nearby camps and stay near the camp this is quite challenging. In one of the most inhabited regions in the world. If you can fight against danger then you can be a fearless person for lifetime as this is most challenging trek

  • Difficulty: Difficult 
  • Maximum Altitude: 11,950 ft
  • Duration: 7 days

Sandakphu Trek

Sitting on the border of the state West Bengal in India and Mechi in Nepal trek is the highest point on the border of two countries offers and incredible panorama of the world highest snowline From Sandakphu peak, on the left you see the entire average range with the fourth and 5th highest peak (Lhotse and Makalu) and of course there is Mount Everest seen above everything else which looks absolutely spectacular view of the world’s highest third peak Kanchenjunga is also being noticeable with the other mountains even after being one of the high altitude of Himalaya treks it passes through the villages this is most comfortable accommodation to the tourist trekkers

  • Difficulty: Difficult 
  • Maximum Altitude: 11,950 ft
  • Duration :7 days

Goechala And Dzongri Trek

This trick offers grand views of the big mountain at 15,100 ft on Goechala trek , which is based on the state of Sikkim the trick overlooks the masses structure of Kanchenjunga and other 14 week submits the experience of witnessing sunrise and sunset over the snow covered grand Himalayas is something you will never forget in your life freaking through this gorgeous I’ll paying forest you will come across to see that your shape coaching a lake the summer party lake 16 from these angry top you can also see unique wild flowers Lush plantation and then rhododendron forest.

  • Difficulty: Difficult 
  • Maximum Altitude: 15,100 ft
  • Duration :11 days

So whenever planning for a trip or trekking do keep these in mind. Enjoy your trip to the fullest and explore the world of snow.

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